Generation 5



Jose Hernandez is a participant of Generation 5 of Digital Stewards. He’s been working closely with his peers to create a successful learning environment for everyone. Jose is creative individual with a passion for the visual arts. He’s been pursuing his love for Illustration for several years and has amassed a portfolio of work which can be viewed at:


Julio C Morales is 23 Years old he is a participant of RHI of the Digital Stewards he is very driven  to get all of his goals done he is in the making of writing his own movie as well as a book.He also wants to make his own clothing line so he is just learning and being patient, he has a lot of designs.Also this young men is an inventor, he is also working on coming out with his own sneaker which is not an easy task .He has many ideas most of his ideas are  inventions,he works on by hiimself .In his spare time he writes music and teaching himself how to make beats.Works on achiving his goal so he takes his work home.Works on several projects simultaneously he says doing this helps him from being stuck or catch writers block.


Eugene Harris is a 22 year old young man who has a loving baby boy an is working toward gaining the skills to soon own an run his own businesse he’s also work on becoming a game designer he’s very talent in different areas and wants to make a difference in the technology field while aslo makeing a change in his neighborhood 



Tyteana Griem I am Tyteana, my mission is to aim past success keep my head high and support others. I’ve done stage acting for two years and I love Poetry. I am a upcoming Blogger, Activist for women, Community Organizer for (DTE) and an upcoming Performing Artist .