Generation 2


Byron Benn is a Brooklyn native that wants to learn more on technology. Technology is the wave of the future and we need to know about what the next step in human life is. That’s why Byron joined the digital stewards program with the RHI. Learning new skills to be more tech savvy. Wanting to know what goes on in the internet world as a whole. He also wants to learn how to make videos because of his music career. He also wants to learn how to make his own apps and websites that could help him, his business, and his family succeed.


Carrington Peters but people call him Karrot . He’s likes to play basketball, workout and spend time with his family. He’s a very mellow and laid back person. He also like meeting new people and traveling to different places and learning new things. His goal he wants to accomplish is to learn more about computer networking and connecting wifi, and how to help develop better wifi around Red Hook community to help communicate faster, and to handle personal business way easier. His future goal is to have his own business.



Stephen Torres : is an 18 year old and he is part of Red Hook. He really wants to learn how to make a game from the digital steward program. He finished high school and is waiting to go to college soon and his major will be computer science. He wants to play sports in college and the sport he wants to play is football and baseball. He is playing baseball with the Brooklyn Cougars for the past 3 years. Stephen wants to learn how to make  the codes for  the game.


Tachet Jones: is 23 and she’s a member at the RHI Center with Digital Stewards as an intern. She’s excited to join the program and learn things. She also likes to read and write, she’s just happy for the new experience and opportunity to learn more. Her goal is to come out with a better understanding of wifi and how it works. To help develop wifi around the Red Hook community to help communicate better with our fellow neighbors, and help people get around the neighborhood easier.


 Abdussabur Ali: is a quiet but focus man . He prefer to be call Ali. He is interested in learning about the hardware and software. He know if you can’t use a computer you cant stay in touch with the youth. He looking to learn how to create new application to show the great side of red hook. He has a lot of expectations in this program. He knows that he wants to learn how to take apart and put together a computer. He also would like to know the different software and hardware to improve or make his computer run better. He also want to learn things to maybe bring to his neighborhood to show how many different options we have to offer to the community.


 Tahvon Gorham: is 23 years old, a single parent, and loves to play basketball.  He really hopes this program can make him learn a lot about  wifi and the Internet and he plans to make a career out of it one day.


Alden Parkinson: is a young adult who lives in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. He is very interested in all types of technology, especially computers. He hopes to have much more knowledge about technology in the near future. With that knowledge he will be able to create more job opportunities for himself and others.


Marc Marrero is a 19 year old male who was raised in Red Hook, Brooklyn. He is very willing to learn and experience new things. He became a Digital Steward to learn more about technology, expand his resume, and work towards his dream job of being a graphic designer.