Generation 1


Anthony Evans: Hi, my name is Anthony Evans and I’m 22 years of age. I’m very outgoing and well-spoken. I like to bring people up that are down and I want from others what I want for myself and that’s success. My goals are to become a master at being more tech-savvy on the computer, being someone that motivates and have kids look up to, and building my community up.



Tiwan Burrus: My name is Tiwan Burrus. I grew up in the Red Hook community and have been living there for 20 years now. Over the years I’ve seen things change for the better and some stay the same. I’m a very creative person who likes to work with my hands and finish things the best way I can. I like to play football and draw on my free time when I’m not hanging with friends. I currently work at the Red Hook Initiative and have been there for a quite a while now. While working at the Red Hook Initiative enrolling as a participant who attended workshops, I learned a lot of important skills from the Red Hook Initiative that helped me in my everyday life. I’m a part of the Middle School team here at the RHI as well as the Digital Stewards program. While in the Middle School after school program we help the kids with homework and create group activities for them to play. We help them any school related projects as best as we can and play interactive and educational games to help them grow. As a Digital Steward we are working to improve the communities infrastructure providing wireless internet connection throughout the community.

Rob 3


Robert Smith: My name is Robert Smith and I am a part of the Digital Stewards StreetTeam. Besides that I am a cool, calm, and collective person who loves martial arts, handball, skateboarding, dogs,music, and singing.




Katherine Ortiz: My name is Katherine Ortiz and I’m 22 years of age. I have lived in the Red Hook Community my whole life. I have a son who is going on the age of three in May. He inspires me to do better everyday. My goals in life are to at some point go back to college and to find a way to live comfortably with my son.


Stefanie Deji: I’m the Blog Administrator and Editor. I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the City College of New York. I initially applied to be part of the Red Hook Digital Stewards because I wanted to be part of a moment that can help create a free wifi network for Red Hook, especially for people that can’t afford postpaid internet plans. The bad news is that I’m too old to be part of the program (I’m 25 and the cut-off age is 24), so Tony Schloss hired me to be the Blog Administrator because of my writing skills. My goals are to gain job experience, strengthen my writing, and to learn more about different internet skills.



Nigel Taylor Johnson: and I lived in Red Hook for twenty-two years now. I’m twenty-two years of age so that’s my life. I love to play football and workout and I’m big on competition in anything from sports to video games and seeing who can eat the most chicken wings. My goal for the next three to four years is to make it in the UFC and play D1 college ball. I always wanted to get my Master’s in Education and History to teach young kids about our past and ancestors. I want to also open my own daycare Dojo because I love kids, to fight, and especially love to teach, so opening a daycare Dojo is a dream more of a special goal.  Digital stewards is a place for me to sharping my software skills, learn more the internet world as it grows rapidly, and spread the word to those who don’t have knowledge of computers and networking as I do. I feel being a Steward can help my career in the network/software industry. Every skill and trait that I have and was born with now I just want to make useful instead.