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Red Hook WIFI Creates Economic Opportunity

Red Hook WIFI is a resilient broadband network that provides free or low-cost Internet access distributed equitably across the Red Hook community.  In addition to Internet access, the network provides a platform for local communication, with content tailored to residents’ needs and interests. The network increases community engagement, thereby strengthening the social network of the […]

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Linking a Sandy Past to a Resilient Future in Red Hook

In the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, Superstorm Sandy became one of the most devastating hurricanes in American history. The storm surge that flooded the streets of New York City and Red Hook on October 29th has lasting effects on our coastal community, including longstanding property damage, living conditions festering with mold and the uneasy question […]

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Red Hook WIFI is in the design phase!

Red Hook WIFI Network Design Red Hook WIFI is now in the network design phase!  We are working diligently alongside our partners to design a network that will strengthen the fabric of our community. Our goal is to build a reliable network that creates economic opportunity, aligns with social justice principles, is resilient, and a […]

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