Red Hook WIFI is a Community Asset

Our vision for the expansion of Red Hook WIFI is that it will be a resilient broadband network that provides free internet access distributed equitably across the community. Currently, in addition to internet access, the network provides a platform for local communication, with content tailored to residents’ needs and interests. The network increases community engagement, thereby strengthening the social network of the Red Hook community.

Red Hook WIFI is a community asset because it provides residents and stakeholders with a platform for sharing and gathering information via the Red Hook HUB.


  • Red Hook WIFI is a platform for local communication and community organizing by enabling the dissemination of information on programs, events, resources and opportunities in Red Hook and beyond.
  • Red Hook WIFI can be used to collect and distribute information to address community concerns and needs; data collected is shared with the community in a useable format.
  • Red Hook WIFI creates opportunity for community members to contribute to the network governance and mission.

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