Deprived of the Internet in poverty

In this article, Golda Arthur speaks about the challenges of residents in poverty having little or no access to the internet. This article shows how important the internet is to a community with little access.

Video of the Red Hook Regatta

A short film on the starting processes of the Regatta up until the day of the event.

Credits: BRIC TV

NY Times Article

In this article, New York Today speaks about the Red Hook Regatta, speaking on what the event’s purpose is and how young adults from the RHI Digital Stewards uses “Technology to teach nontech things”(David Sheinkopf September 17, 2015).

To Help Connect the Two New Yorks, Bill de Blasio Should Build More Community Broadband 

In this article, Maya Wiley, Current Chief Counsel for the Mayor of New York, discusses Red Hook WIFI and how community network and training and employment programs like ours help to bridge the digital divide and provide necessary communication and resiliency during emergencies

How Brooklyn’s Largest Housing Project is Getting Their Residents Online

Nationswell created this video profiling Robert Smith, a former Digital Steward and current Digital Stewards Program Assistant/WIFI System Administrator. The Director of Community Initiatives and Technology Trainer are also featured in the video, completing the picture of Robert and his work with the program.

Red Hook’s Cutting-Edge Wireless Network

Noam Cohen describes Red Hook WIFI’s work and it’s impact on community members and the Digital Stewards. This article shows how our work with technology is addressing the needs of a community, as apposed to commercial, global or personal concerns.

U.S. Promotes Network to Foil Digital Spying.

This article connects RHI’s work to other communities building mesh networks, and explains how local, community led networks can address issues of privacy, security, and resiliency.

Do-It-Yourself Internet in Brooklyn.

Another video, more technical in nature but also featuring on of our young adults, that describes how our mesh network works and the benefits of its design.

Case Study: Red Hook Initiative WiFi & Tidepools.

One of the earliest press examples, this blog post discussed the very early work of the network, beginning with experimentation by RHI staff supported by various collaborators, developed through community engagement, and finally the initiation of the Digital Stewards program with support from the New York City Workforce Development program. This case study was published in the most recent edition of Wireless Networking in the Developing World.

Local Connections: The Red Hook WiFi Project.

This article discusses the infrastructure of Red Hook WiFi and how it all began. It also shows a map with nodes from around the network.

In Red Hook, Mesh Network Connects Sandy Survivors Still Without Power.

Becky Kazansky discusses what happened during Hurricane Sandy and how Red Hook WiFi was able to stay online to keep residents connected and also how the Red Hook Initiative helped the residents of Red Hook.

How to Build A Low Cost “WiFi Mesh Network” For Emergency Communication.

David Lumb talks Red Hook WiFi, The Stewards, and New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) and how they came together to build the network.

Getting Connected.

Nancy Scola gives some insight on the beginnings of Red Hook WiFi and the Digital Stewards Program.

The Digital Stewards youth group growing Internet access in Red Hook.

This short article talks about the Digital Stewards and some of the skills they’ve obtained working on Red Hook WiFi.

A Tech Innovation in Red Hook Housing’s Projects.

“Initially we were very focused on access, now we’re thinking a lot more about how we can provide services; it’s not just the Internet.”

Home Wireless Network Keeps the Snoops Away.

“The reality is that the exact same technology that protects human rights workers and democracy advocates overseas is going to be incredibly useful for preventing domestic snooping.”