Generation 9


Mack Miller I’m funny, good at listening and working. My goals for the future are to be financially established.



Jazzhane Wade – My name is Jazzhane Wade. I am currently in school majoring in accounting. My goal is to become an accountant running my own accounting firm.

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Denzel Walker A young man from Red Hook. I look to always learn something new so I will be able to teach others the same. I hope to leave a mark on the world.





Savon Sims  My name is Savon sims I joined the Digital Stewards Program to recieve new knowledge with computers and improve my skills.


Joseph Alston – Hi my name is Joseph Alston, I am a 21 year old working as a Digital Steward with the RHI young adult program, My goal is to complete the Program and help the community. My journey so far has been fun but im looking forward to my future here.


Javon webb – Whats going on my name is Javon Webb, I am 19 years old working as an Digital Steward, my plan is to use the skills I learn here to start my own practice.


Jacob Gibbs – My name Jacob High school grad out of Brooklyn prep, Currently apart of Digital Steward which is a great program which improved my tech skills. I’ve also learn graphic design skill.