Generation 6



      Effi Llera  “I’m expecting to obtain education and to expand my knowledge in the tech industry. I would like to develop strengths in fields that are my weakness and master them.”


Halimah Ali “I want to learn more about the basic skills with 3d graphics and learn more about WiFi and installing cables.”


Rico Marin “I want to learn the basics & advanced programming of game designs and create my own suite of games.”


Quinton Phillips Dalton “I want to obtain the full knowledge of Graphics and Photography so I can become a good Photographer and be known all over the world for my art.”


Davonne Walker “I want to be able to find a good job fixing tech and one-day help change technology.”


Shaniya Moore “My personal goals with technology and business is to be able to gain some skills in Photography and video game making.”


Nisha Howard “I’d like to improve my graphics, photography, video making skills and expand the knowledge I have and apply it in my everyday life. Also, I would like to teach younger kids the skills that I have obtained during my internship at Digital Stewards.”


Christina Johnson “I’m interested in learning more about video making and photography because I love being behind the camera.”