Digital Stewards Go To MIT

Two days after the Digital Stewards graduation, 3 graduates from Generation 9 (Jazzhane Wade, Javon Webb, Joseph Alston) hopped on a plane and went to Cambridge, MA to give a presentation at MIT. We’d worked on a Red Hook Wifi survey during our time with Digital Stewards. It was our job to survey residents and people who work in the neighborhood, this is called Participatory Action Research (PAR).
We worked long hours in the summer of 2016 conducting and editing the survey. After collecting the 250 surveys, we analyzed the results. We came to conclusions that we need to bring the neighborhood closer to the Wifi. Our results and procedure are what we presented at MIT. We also got to sit in on a Social Injustice class at MIT, there we learned about different social injustices from people who come from different parts of the world.
MIT is huge! The campus is 168 acres long and education is free and that is the way it should it be.
We walked through the campus buildings with no complication except for lack of direction until we used google maps. The entire trip was fun and we enjoyed ourselves we wouldn’t mind going back!