Changing Careers

Growing up, I’ve always pictured myself going to college to study criminal justice. Now I am going to BMCC to get a degree in Video Arts and Technology. Making the switch was something I wanted to do ever since I started to make videos for a teacher of mine in my high school. Ever since then, I started liking it. Now I just want to record anything and just edit it. Maybe just becoming a YouTuber would be something I would like to do. I don’t know exactly what the channel may be about, but I just like the fact that you get to edit all the footage.

I first started getting into criminal justice when I would watch shows like the first 48 Hours and Law and Order. I always wanted to be a homicide detective and solve the mysteries.

Being in digital boot camp has opened my eyes to a different career choice. Now I want to do video editing. I realized those shows required a lot of editing to be so good. I like just sitting and focusing on the different clips and putting it all together. That’s like being a detective too. It takes time, but I like the wait.

It’s a nice feeling once your video is done you feel accomplished like you just won a trophy. I just like the way that you can edit videos in so many ways. I’ve edited a silent film that I recently made. It was easy cutting the clips was easy. The program I used was Adobe Premier.

The hardest part was trying to figuring out a song and telling a story that people would understand and make them feel. I believe that every clip should say a message and when you put a song on it you should be able to tell a story.

This post is by Joshua Molina, a soccer player trying to make his way out of Brooklyn.