Being the Sound Guy [Digital Bootcamp Reflection]


Today, I was the sound person for the Gelato interview. This experience was extremely exciting even though holding the boom mic was tiring. It’s important to use the boom mic for a clearer audio experience. It seems easy holding the boom mic from a distance but in reality, it’s hard work being a boom person. You need to be extremely still and be quick moving the boom mic from person to person as they speak.

One thing that was hard while handling the boom mic was that my arms were hurting after a while. Plus, I had to move it back and forth from the Gelato owner to the interviewer. At the end, I felt like I did a pretty good job, considering the fact that this was my first time using it.

I think next time I do an interview I wouldn’t want to be the boom mic person. I would want to be the camera guy or the interviewer. I would love to know how it feels to be an interviewer. Hopefully I’m a good one.

This post is by Eliazar Rivera, who loves to sing and listen to music. He is extremely funny after he feels comfortable with you. Don’t mind his shyness. Thanks!