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Linking a Sandy Past to a Resilient Future in Red Hook

In the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, Superstorm Sandy became one of the most devastating hurricanes in American history. The storm surge that flooded the streets of New York City and Red Hook on October 29th has lasting effects on our coastal community, including longstanding property damage, living conditions festering with mold and the uneasy question […]

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A Spicy Taste of Red Hook

On September 5th, 2017, Red Hook WiFi published a heart-chuckling tale starring Ghost Pepper and Dark Chocolate, the key ingredients in a unique offering from Raaka Virgin Chocolate. The video release comes just weeks before Raaka participates in The Taste of Red Hook on September 26th. The Bean-to-Bar chocolate maker also participated in the 5th Summer of Digital Media Bootcamp […]

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